Her Son Is Acting Strange After Playing At The Park. 2 Days Later, Mom Sees THIS On His Head…

Mom Shares Horrifying Story After Son Rides His Bike Without A Helmet

In March 2016, Tiffany’s 10-year-old son Jaden was riding his bike in their West Palm Beach, FL neighborhood. He wasnot wearing a helmet. Jaden fell off his bike at one point, but only scraped his elbow and knee. He got up and kept on riding. “He showed no signs of trauma and continued about his day,” Tiffany wrote on Facebook. Nothing serious, right? Wrong.

Two days later, Jaden woke up with a headache and Tiffany could tell he wasn’t his usual energetic self. He refused to eat, and all he wanted to do was lay down. After closely inspecting Jaden’s body, she noticed swelling around his right temple. When she touched the spot, it was strange and squishy. She decided right then to take him to the hospital. The moment Jaden got in the car, he started vomiting.

At the hospital, doctors performed a CT scan on Jaden’s brain. As it turned out, the damage was much more extensive — and absolutely devastating — than she ever thought possible. However, the signs were, initially, invisible to the naked eye. The days and weeks that followed were horrifying for Tiffany, Jaden and the rest of their family.

Now, Tiffany is bravely sharing her powerful story on Facebook and encouraging other parents to post and share the importance of always wearing a helmet…

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