He tells his dogs they can’t have a bite of his sandwich — to which they throw a hilarious tantrum

There is a number of ways to gain the attention of a friend or family member, unfortunately, Dinky the Dinky the Great Dane doesn’t play by the rules and he goes with a much more direct route.

The big softy can be seen in the video below throwing one hell of a temper tantrum when his owner makes himself a tasty looking sandwich and doesn’t seem all that willing to share it.

He proceeds to desperately beg, looking for even just a bite of his dad’s beautiful looking, and smelling sandwich.

This Great Dane is no quitter, he’s not going to lay down and quit, he even momentarily tries to go with the puppy dog eyes before losing his patience and returning to his favoured, more direct approach.
In the video he can be heard whining loudly and generally making a fuss, he thinks that his deep rumble makes him sound like a lion but Dinky you’re not fooling anyone we all know you’re a big softy.

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