For Fast and Pain-Free Shoveling, Just Choose ROPE!

man standing with shovels

Snow can be a magical, wondrous phenomenon, especially if you have any little ones in the house. Nonetheless, though this substance can give your driveway a “Santa chic” look, it’s not necessarily conducive to safe driving. That’s why we have a super helpful tip for you today that will eliminate unwanted snow in the fastest way possible. Take notes, and grab that shovel!

Today’s tip comes to us from YouTuber L Kanavaros, who hails from Western Massaschussets. No credentials required here, because we understand that those Bay Staters KNOW their snow!

Sure, our host wants to be able to get rid of snow quickly, but his real modus operandi is to displace that stubborn slush without hurting his back.

This guy really taps into a common concern of many people out there. Because, let’s face it, it’s rarely the spry, young 16-year old in the house that is completing this task; it’s their folks! And as most of you know, it can be positively brutal on that lumbar region.

So, before we dive into healthy shoveling form, let’s take a look at the best tool to use for the job.

Man showing off his rope shovel

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