Follow These 3 Steps, and You’ll Always Be Able to Choose a Bra That Fits Perfectly

Pink bra band fastened on last row of hooks

Every woman has to do it eventually, so just why is finding the right bra so tricky? We all learn the basics of measuring for our band and cup size once we hit puberty, but every woman who’s ever spent all day adjusting falling straps, pulling up a falling strapless version, or squirming uncomfortably knows that those basic numbers don’t tell us nearly enough to get the right fit. So other than going to see a professional fitter, what can we do? Easy— learn the right way to fit one ourselves. The experts at Bras ‘N’ Things are here to walk us through the process.


  • The Band
Pink bra band fastened on last row of hooks
      Did you know the band of your bra should supply you with

80 percent

      of your support? It’s true! So fitting it correctly – snug, but not too tight – is super important. It should lie across your back in a straight, horizontal line aligned with the bottom of your cups. If it rides up, you have the wrong size! You should also be able to comfortably run your fingers under the band all the way around to your underarm area. Always try on a bra with it fastened on the last row of hooks. As your bra wears and stretches to your body, you can move the fastener in to the inner rows to keep the same good fit.

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