All women around the world are always carrying a fresh new napkin in their purse. So, if you are one of these women – then you should also know that these napkins and panty liners have other beneficial uses as well, not just to absorb the menstrual flow. These napkins are hyper-absorbent, deodorizing, and disposable sanitary pods wrapped in cotton and individually packaged in waterproof plastic containers. These remarkable properties make them the perfect tool for many different alternative uses. And the best thing is that you can buy them almost everywhere. Did you know that you can even buy them in bulk for wholesale prices at your local supermarket? And after you find out what you can do with them, you’ll probably buy more of these napkins.

  1. Use them to cover and protect wounds

We can’t carry a first aid with us all the time, right? But, if you carry one with you, then you should add couple of sanitary napkins in it and some tape. It’s because they are perfect for stopping the bleeding and to put some pressure on small or large cuts. So, if you don’t have the appropriate medical equipment and tools with you, or your bandages have been exposed to dirt and grime – then these sanitary napkins and tape will do the job, maybe even better than the bandages. It’s because of the napkin’s absorbency, toughness and sanitary packaging. You should also know that the surface of a fresh pad can also generously hold medicated ointment that can prevent contamination and it will speed up the healing process.

Just put on a piece of sanitary napkin on your wound and secure it with a tape. Don’t tape it to tight, so the wound can be protected and the blood can circulate at the same time. So, if you are skating, hiking or doing any other type of physical activity, then you should always have a sanitary napkin with you and some tape – you can use them as a highly effective DIY bandages.

  1. Use them to filter dirty water before boiling for drinking

Did you know that you can use these napkins as a water filter as well? Sometimes if you are in some desperate situation, where you are forced to drink water from a source, for which you think it’s not good and clean, you can use these napkins. It’s because boiling alone may not be enough to make it safe for drinking. So, if you are forced to drink water from streams and other natural sources of water, then you can reduce the risk of consuming harmful material by using a napkin as a water filter.

Here’s what you need to do – first, you need to fill up a large container with the “water”. Then, you should open up an unscented sanitary napkin and put it over the mouth of the water container. You should secure the sanitary napkin tightly with some tape, string or anything you can use to keep the napkin in place. Now, when you pour out the water, the sanitary napkin will filter all the dust, pebbles and even some metals from the water. Well, you should know that this filtering method isn’t 100% effective and it can’t clean the water from all harmful materials and bacteria, but it’s a big step in filtering the water. You should know that this filtering technique can save many lives. So, if you are in this kind of position, then you should definitely try this simple filtering trick.


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