Dog Nearly Dies From A Severe Tick Infestation, But Just A Few Weeks Later She’s Unrecognizable

Unfortunately, in many parts of the world, people lack either the resources or knowledge to care for their pets as well as they possibly could. For those animals, this can mean anything from malnourishment to suffering from easily treatable illnesses and infestations.

That’s what happened with South African dog Belle. By the time animal welfare workers got a hold of her, a simple problem that dogs all around the world suffer from had spiraled out of control…

CLAW, a South African community-lead animal welfare organization found Belle completely neglected by her owner and covered in ticks, especially around her eyes and ears.

Facebook / CLAW South Africa

The ticks had drained her of so much blood that she’d become anemic and could barely move on her own, and the CLAW workers had to rush her to a veterinary clinic to receive emergency treatment.

Facebook / CLAW South Africa

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