Disney Kept This Hidden Secret For Decades. I’ve Never Noticed Before At All

[Source: Movie Munchies]


Since its inception, Disney has been the iconic master of animated films. They’ve created and released numerous timeless classics, From “Snow White” to “Beauty and the Beast” to “Frozen,” there is a wonderful cinematic story for every generation.

Considering the thousands upon thousands hours of footage that Disney has amasses throughout the years, it’s logical that they’d want a way to make the most out of it. With stories similar in nature and scenes even more similar, Disney actually reuses a lot of their original art in a way you’ll be surprised to discover.

The short clip below highlights one example of this. In it, you’ll notice very similar animations and movements echoed across various movies. See how characters from “Robin Hood,” “The AristoCats,” “Sleeping Beauty,” and more share the same movements and actions.

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