Dentists Are Warning Us – Don`t Throw Away Baby Teeth, They Can Save Your Child`s Life! (VIDEO)

Songtao Shi is a doctor from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial research who has carried out a study which revealed that the baby teeth contain one to two dozen valuable stem cells which can be used in the later life for treating different diseases.


The experts have been researching the impacts of the stem cells on organs like the heart, the brain, the pancreas, and other organs, and their effects when it comes to repairing the possible damage from a certain disease. Doctor Shi and the team found out that the adult teeth contain one type of stem cells, while baby teeth (from kids aged between 7 or 8) contain totally different stem cells.

It was discovered that baby teeth can actually save life, just like the baby’s cord blood can. This means that, in case you cannot afford banking your baby’s cord blood for stem cells, or in case you have not thought about this on time, now you can do it by saving your child’s baby teeth.

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