Charming Vietnamese Origami with Wet Folding Technique

Joining Vietnam Origami Group forum, Hoang Tien Quyet could meet many people of the same passion who then gave him a great advice as to try a rather unconventional technique called wet folding technique, by which he then creates lovely animal figures like roosters, lions, foxes and many other.htquyet4

In fact, paper folding has been Quyet’s pastime ever since he was just a kid. As he grew older then he takes this folding things more seriously. And this unconventional technique of paper folding seems to fit perfectly with Quyet’s style. By employing this technique he can make elegant, fluid creatures that have an incredible presence.



Actually, it is the late origami master Akira Yoshiawa who pioneered the wet paper folding technique. We could easily guess at how such technique got its name. It must be related with water, which is needed to soften the paper during folding process. So as to make them have some flows, curved creases and rounded forms. Even though Quyet origami look very malleable, his creations are often rigid and shell-like.

Source: My Modern Met, Hoang Tien QuyetFacebook



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