6 Stretches You Should Do Before Getting Out of Bed to Feel Great All Day

Most people tend to get up every morning and directly launch to their work. A few minutes a day can make a great difference in terms of your health. According to Randi Ragan, an author and yoga teacher, several minutes a day before any other activity can change you a lot and will help your mind and body function properly.

There are six simple and effective stretches that will help you improve your body tone and you can even practice them under the covers.

1. Full-Body Stretch

Full-Body Stretch

While inhaling, put the arms over the head, clasp the fingers together, overturn the palms toward the wall and push the palms away from you. The toes should be apart from your arms while the knees are straight. Stay in this position for 5 counts, then exhale and release the body. Do this stretch 3 times. This stretch will release the tightness throughout the body that is accumulated while you are sleeping.

2. Figure-Four Stretch

Figure-Four StretchFor this stretch cross the left foot over the right knee and form the number 4. Then bend the right knee up toward the ceiling. Make sure your left knee is bent in order to maintain this shape. Take 5 deep breaths and then change the sides. This stretch will help you lubricate the hip joints and glutes.

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