40 Cats Who Wish They’d Made Better Choices

We had all made choices that we regret right? Well, animals are no different! They all tend to make some choices that seem smart in the moment, but then half way through they realized that it maybe wasn’t their best option.

Cats might just have the best reactions to their bad choices. You can see the regret in their eyes and can almost hear the gears ticking in their brains trying to find a way out of this situation they got themselves into. Check out these 40 cats who have hopefully learned their lessons.

1. It seemed like a good idea at the time…

2. Probably won’t regret this until all the juices run out.

3. If I fits, I sits.

4. There was something I needed, but now I am not sure why…

5. Places to go, people to see, and zero patience

6. Everyone loves a slinky!

7. I had a very important meeting to go to and I wanted to look my best.

8. Thanks for preheating my bed!

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