1,800-Year-Old Tablet Found On The Bottom Of The Sea Proves All Jesus Doubters Wrong


After years of being overlooked, archaeologists finally uncovered the ancient tablet found at the site of the biblical city of Tel Dor. Because the large stone tablet has immense historical significance it was immediately taken to the University of Haifa to be translated and preserved.

Found off the coast of Israel, archaeologists just found evidence that brings massive insight into one of the bloodiest periods of ancient Jewish history. Besides stating the ruler’s name, this stone tablet reveals other secrets of Biblical time. You need to see what it says…

For the first time in history, archaeological evidence has pointed to the person in charge during the bloody time in history that led up to the Jewish revolt.

Because this find is so big and validates the Holy Bible, researchers are ferociously working to decipher it. Some of the inscriptions on the stone slab have been translated…

Most notably the name of the Roman governor who ruled Judea was Gargilius Antiquus. This stone tablet is only the second Roman inscription ever found that uses the name “Judea” to label the region.

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