16 Things That Could Only Happen At A Walmart

Oh, Walmart. I would love to say that I never go there, but I cannot say that. How else would I get incredibly cheap entertainment while also saving money on my hair care products? We love to hate it, and love to make fun of it.

The things that you see in a Walmart are not the kind of things that you see in everyday life. In fact, there should be warning signs on the doors as you enter. I’m not entirely sure why you don’t have to  use your passport to get in when it’s obviously an entirely different world than the one we live in normally. Human decency and logic do not apply once you walk through those automatic doors.

1. He decided to go to Walmart, but all of his shirts were in the wash. No problem. Grab a bath towel and a pair of scissors.

2. Probably just as friendly as a real greeter

i cant watch this is it over yet

3. Next thing you know they’ll be installing traffic lights

4. You know that they always tell you to sleep-test all car mats before purchasing

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