16 Features On Everyday Things You Never Knew Had A Purpose

Unless you’re irrationally inquisitive, there’s a number of features on things that you use every day that you probably never even noticed. There are things that have purposes that most of us pass off, things like:

  • Small holes
  • Indentations
  • Bumps

However, these little features have been subtly offering us life hacks this entire time, but none of us noticed. Time to start using things the way they were intended to be used!

Here are 16 features on everyday things you never knew had a purpose!

1. Unless you are one of those cap-hungry few who let your teeth mutilate pen tops, you’ve probably noticed the hole at the end. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not actually there to keep the pen from drying out. The hole is so there’s lower risk of suffocation if a small child (nervous adult) ended up choking on the cap.

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2. Ever wonder why all of your pots have holes at the end of the handle? Not only to hang them, but to hold that messy spoon while you’re cooking up a storm.


3. Those little discs under the lids of plastic bottles are actually there to keep everything in the bottle. The disc maintains the liquid and carbonation, without it, soda would go flat quickly.


4. You may or may not have noticed that some lids have little spikes in them. This is so you can get through those tiny protective foils easier, just unscrew the lid, flip it, and push on through!

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