15 simple facts that might save your life one day

We all are familiar with life’s main indispensable safety rules. However, sometimes we find ourselves facing an unexpected situation that makes us feel confused and at a loss for what to do.

Today, Bright Side wants to remind its readers of a few important facts that will be helpful in dealing with any unforeseen predicament!

Don’t use a cell phone while walking

Health and safety consultants note that combining walking and using your cell phone proves too big a challenge for our brain. This can cause you to lose track of your surroundings, becoming blind to any possible dangers (such as a speeding car that might suddenly come your way).

Eliminate blind spots when driving by correctly adjusting your car’s mirrors

Adjust the side mirrors in such a way as to be barely able to see the edges of your car. Thisrearrangement will help you eliminate any blind spots in the side zones. Position your rearview mirror so as to always be able to see any car that comes up behind you. To ensure the mirror readjustment’s effectiveness, do it directly from the driver’s seat.

Make sure to have the right clothes for cold weather

Remember that wet skin gives off heat much faster, so it’s important to try to keep your skin dry for as long as possible. Ensure that your body temperature does not fall too quickly by wearing woolen clothes — such clothes are very good at absorbing moisture. Cotton and other fabrics are poor moisture absorbers — wearing clothes made from such materials will cause you to freeze in no time at all.

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