15 Short People Problems Only People Who Can’t Reach The Top Shelf Will Understand

Being short sucks!

There is a whole world up above you and you can’t see it because you were born with stupidly sized legs.

Being short mean’s you’re constantly struggling to reach something off the top shelves. If you’re short, you understand that loading and unloading the washer and dryer are a living nightmare.

While being short does have a long list of downsides, it does have its occasional perks. For example, most people don’t want to get in an argument with a short woman, so that means you instantly win the argument!

It also means getting stuff from lower areas is less of a pain. See, it isn’t all that bad!

Here are some hilarious short problems only short people would understand.



Word of advice, unless you’re the First Lady, never do this to a short person. We are well within our rights to punch you.



We’re also aware of our height, but thanks for pointing it out!



While most people struggle to climb mountains, we struggle to climb counters.

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