15 Pinterest Projects That Actually Work

Pinterest is my guilty pleasure. I can spend hours sifting through DIY project ideas only to find I’ve (accidentally) run out of time to actually create or do anything. Oops! Well, in all honestly, maybe it’s really more like this: while I enjoy dreaming of making Pinterest projects, I’m  just not convinced they’ll actually work. So, to save all of us some time and frustration, I created this list of Pinterest projects and ideas that actually do work.

Which one are you going to try first?

1. Lemon Shell Candles

Pinner Rachele Young confirms, “This really works with any citrus fruit because the citric acid is flamible [sic].”

1. Lemon Shell Candles
via Martha Stewart

2. Lip Balm

Insider’s Tip: you can veganize this recipe easily by replacing beeswax with soy or Calendula wax; I’ve tried it, it works.

Pinner Overthrow Martha loves this lip balm: “Tasty! And it makes my lips so smooth! #DIYBeauty.”

2. Lip Balm
via Overthrow Martha

3. Frugal Fun Slide

Pinner Noel Culbertson says, “I do this every year for my birthday! It is 100 feet long, and it is so much fun!!!!”

3. Frugal Fun Slide
via Blog Spot / Hope Studios

4.  DIY Garden Containers

Okay, so this one I have glowing reviews for. I grew several crops of healthy potatoes last summer in containers just like this. Hint: if you don’t have something to punch out large holes with, you can do what I did instead: drill, drill, drill until there are enough holes to provide adequate ventilation and drainage.

4. DIY Garden Containers
via Back Porch Garden

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