15 Important Etiquette Rules That Everyone Should Know By Now.

Etiquette is all about how to conduct yourself beautifully in every situation. The basic rules of etiquette are simple. It’s a combination of proper speech, common courtesy, neat appearance, and controlling your emotions.

#1. When you say, ’I invite you,’ that means you pay. If you say, ’Let’s go to a restaurant,’ then in that case, everyone pays for themselves. If a man offers to pay for a woman, she must agree.

#2. You should never visit someone at their home without making a call. In case you appear on their front door all of a sudden, you may find them in their pajamas or bathrobe.

#3. Never place your smartphone or tablet on the table when you are out. This gesture shows that your smartphone is more important than the meeting you have and people may think that you are bored. Most people will be offended if you are checking Facebook’s news feed while they are talking. That’s rude!

#4. Don’t ask a woman on a date in case you are planning to make calls and send text messages all the time.

#5. Men should never carry a woman’s bag. On the other hand, they may take her coat and leave it in the cloakroom.

#6. If you are having a walk with another person, and she/he greets someone with Hello, you should say Hello as well, even though you don’t know the people.

#7. If someone offends you, you should never return the favor or raise your voice. Never sink to their level. Smile and leave the ill-mannered company.

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